How to Setup and Use MYTVONLINE on FORMULER Z

How to setup IPTV Subscription on Formuler Z

MYTVONLINE is a Free app giving you access to your live IPTV subscription, including movies or series. This application is compatible with Formuler, Formuler Z8.

How to set up Formula Z IPTV in 4 easy steps


IPTV Subscription Mytvonline Formuler Z

2.Edit Service >> Click Edit

Important: Make sure you register with your correct MAC address.

IPTV Subscription Mytvonline Formuler Z
  • Enter the nickname of the service (example: One TV Services or other)
  • Enter portal url address
  • Click on OK
  • Connection to King IPTV MAG server in progress.
  • Successful connection! You receive all channels associated with your account.
  • Now everything is ready and you can start watching live TV.

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